Games can be a powerful way of learning. Students often view them as fun rather than work. The challenge then for the teacher is to decide which games to use and when to use them.

The following games are ones that:

1. I enjoy playing,

2. Are simple to play,

3. Skillful players will win more often; or

4. Are pure games of chance and provide excellent applications in probability.

Games of pure skill like chess are included, but many games also have some “luck” involved. This encourages people to keep playing even when they are lagging well behind. Some commercial games are mentioned, but most games can be played with readily available equipment such as dice, cards and dominos.

I strongly believe that everyone should have some fun each day, so I hope you have fun playing  the collection of games below:

Note: click title to follow link to game details.

1)  Number Poker

2)  Pente

3)  Lure of the Labyrinth

4)  Liar’s Dice

5)  Ten Thousand

6)  Six to Start

7)  Chinese Chess

8)  Domino Squares

9)  Blokus

10)  Block or Switch

11)  Century

12)  Multiple Bingo

13)  Mancala

14)  Choose Your Topic

15)  Make 10

16)  Place Value Game

17)  Addition War

18)  Loop Card Games

19) Risk Your Skills

20) Top Trumps Animal Substitution

21) Salute the King

22) Multiplication Tic Tac Toe

23) The 35 Game

24) 5 x 5


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