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Ten Thousand Dice Game

A dice game that my students really enjoy is ten thousand. I have found that a group of 4 to 6 students is ideal. All they need is 6 standard dice, a pen and a scoring table. You can read … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Princess

Tonight I am marking a Cubic Functions test ready for my year 11 Maths Methods class, first session tomorrow morning. We will start studying Circular functions so I called into the supermarket to buy 20 paper plates. We will use them to … Continue reading

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Liar’s Dice

Call into our Maths staffroom at lunchtime and you will often find 3 or 4 crazy teachers playing liar’s dice! We start the game by each rolling 5 dice in a concealed location. A lot of people know about the … Continue reading

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What teachers do

Over my 30+ years of teaching I have taken on many different roles. I believe a successful teacher needs to be multi-skilled and continually reflect on their teaching practice. Thus he/she should always strive for improvement. This will involve collaboration with colleagues … Continue reading

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4 Buried Soldiers

My friend Paul posed this problem to me last weekend. “4 soldiers have been captured and buried up to their necks. 3 are in a line facing a brick wall. The fourth is on the other side of the wall. They are blindfolded … Continue reading

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35 Years

It’s now official. I am old. A teacher for 35 years? It only seems like yesterday that I stepped into my first class. Knees trembling, mouth dry, heart pounding. And yet I’ve loved nearly every minute of it. Great kids … Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition

How important is pattern recognition in Mathematics? Very I would think! My year 10’s have investigated Pascal’s triangle in some detail. They are now involved in finding patterns between square numbers and generalising their theorem’s using algebra. Can you complete … Continue reading

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Which Robot?

Mathematics pops up in fiction novels a lot. In fact some books use mathematics as the central theme. The website “Mathematical Fiction” compiled by Alex Kasman, has a list of 742 books, which can be ordered chronologically, or by title … Continue reading

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A Puzzle a Day

After my last embarrassing post, its back to serious posts. There are a number of websites that follow the theme “A puzzle a day” or “Problem of the week”. One such site is Education World which states: ‘Puzzles exercise students’ critical thinking … Continue reading

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Its all about me

I loved Kate’s post on this topic at  f(t)  so I thought I would be brave and do similar. My current age is 53, so can you predict “In which years were the following pictures taken?”:         … Continue reading

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