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Pictured below is my new game of Mancala. It cost me $13 at Toyworld. After reading the history and rules of the game at Wikipedia, I couldn’t resist buying it. It is a very old game (at least 1300 years), but … Continue reading

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Western Bulldogs Number Place Logo

This post was inspired by Simon Job. He has used Geogebra to produce co-ordinates of the outline of a picture. These co-ordinates are then transferred to Excel and then pasted into Word to produce a “Join the Dots” activity to … Continue reading

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Why I Blog

I’m sure people have lots of different reasons for starting a blog. Once they start blogging these reasons may evolve or change. If you are still not sure about blogging then my advice to you is: “try it for yourself”. … Continue reading

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Multiple Bingo

There are many versions of bingo used to practice maths skills in the classroom. For example, Adrian Bruce’s Multiplication Bingo. Or play Matho 2 online. My version needs a twenty-sided die (icosahedron) and a 3 by 3 square grid. Students … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favourite things…

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things…… [Rodgers & Hammerstein] What are your favourite things? Here are some … Continue reading

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Taking an Extra friday afternoon

As a teacher, I have not met anyone who looks forward to doing extras. Taking a class where you don’t know any names, you may not be familiar with the subject matter and you have not had any opportunity to … Continue reading

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Video Conference

On Friday I stepped outside of my comfort zone. My Year 11 General Maths class agreed to a “video conference” with a Year 11 class at McGuire College, Shepparton and their teacher Adrian Camm. I was nervous using new technology and … Continue reading

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ABC House Designs Pty Ltd

The task of designing your dream house is a purposeful, real world task. My Year 11 Foundation Maths students are at present immersed in their designs. Stewy came into class today proudly displaying his plan. It was well drawn and … Continue reading

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Path of a Tennis Ball

My Year 10 class has been investigating the Parabola. We started by brainstorming what students already knew about this shape. The photo below shows what I wrote on the board from student comments: This proved to be a very worthwhile … Continue reading

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