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Salute the King

TUESDAY Home group before lunch. Nothing planned! Looking for inspiration. Google search: “Group Card Games”. Result: How to Play the Funniest Card Game Ever. Rules: Deal all the cards face down. It is better if everyone has the same amount of … Continue reading

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Mathematicians are People, Too

From my bookshelf comes a very easy to read book about the history of Mathematics. Mathematicians are People, Too is a delightful book written by Luetta and Wilbert Reimer (1990). The stories are interesting, well written, and have great  illustrations. … Continue reading

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Happy Lines

I am always on the lookout for good maths problems. Problems which make students think. Non-routine problems. Some students are reluctant to engage with problem solving because it puts them out of their comfort zone. Therefore give encouragement. Give problem … Continue reading

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Year 8 Height Graph

Year 8’s are learning about Data and Graphs at the moment. The students were asked to measure each others heights and draw an appropriate graph. Here is Jordan’s: I was impressed with Jordan’s drawing skills but not so much his … Continue reading

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The Negotiated Classroom

I am big on developing strong Teacher – Student relationships. I have no doubt that a better learning environment will result if these relationships are nurtured. I “nurture” these relationships by: 1. Taking a personal interest in each student, getting … Continue reading

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Using Exit Cards

I have never used an exit card until my Year 11 class last week. The topic was “Matrices”. I prepared 3 questions, as shown below, to see if my students had learnt some of the key skills. I handed out … Continue reading

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Holiday Maths

On a recent holiday to Bali, I was lucky to stay at the magnificent Royal Pita Maha. This is by far the best Hotel/Resort I have ever seen. I quote from their website: “The Royal Pita Maha is a captivating … Continue reading

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