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Hidden Figures

I have just watched the film Hidden Figures. It tells the story of three African American women mathematicians at NASA—Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson—who were instrumental in “doing the math” that allowed John Glenn to be the first American … Continue reading

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Multi-Dimensional Learning and Assessment

Two major concerns I have with Mathematics teaching are: 1.  Too much time is spent in Maths classrooms on skills practice. 2.  Assessment is too heavily dependant on written, end of topic tests. Fortunately, these concerns are well addressed in … Continue reading

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Mathematicians are People, Too

From my bookshelf comes a very easy to read book about the history of Mathematics. Mathematicians are People, Too is a delightful book written by Luetta and Wilbert Reimer (1990). The stories are interesting, well written, and have great  illustrations. … Continue reading

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Motivating Mathematics

I have just received my copy of Motivating Mathematics (2009) by Lee Blake, Jessica Murphy & Ingrid Kemp. MacMillan Education Australia Pty Ltd. It has over 200 puzzles, covering most of the Mathematics curriculum. The puzzle sheets are well constructed, … Continue reading

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A Human Endeavour

It worries me greatly when Mathematics teaching is de-humanised. Sure learning can take place by listening to a lecture, either in person or via technology. But by the interaction of human beings, much more powerful learning can take place. Here … Continue reading

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