mp962Hi, my name is Jeff Trevaskis. Welcome to my blog!

I have been on a 35 year journey to discover ways to help students to engage in learning Mathematics. I want them to appreciate the subject’s beauty and power.  I want my students to love Mathematics as I do.

My other interests include:  Reading and Writing, Genealogy, Origami, Table Tennis, Saint Bernards, Playing board and card games, using computers, playing Lawn Bowls, and solving Problems and Puzzles.


Any comments on my blog posts are welcome. Link to any of my content if you wish to.

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5 Responses to About

  1. jennylu says:

    I’m so humbled that I have been your inspiration. I’m pretty sure having Adrian sit next to you has helped somewhat! Try and insert a blogroll into your sidebar with a list of the blogs you read. It will bring people to you. I think it is the links widget in the appearance part of your dashboard. Insert a clustr map- it’s great to see where the visits come from. Here’s a post I wrote which might help you with this; http://jennylu.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/cluster-maps-are-cool/
    I’m very impressed that you are trying something new after 30 yrs in the game -I’ve been teaching for 21 yrs and have never been more excited about the possibilities for teaching and learning.

  2. johnp says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Great to see you in the blogosphere and nice blog. You’ve got a couple of really good models to follow in Adrian and Jenny whom I have had the pleasure of meeting both f2f and regularly online. You may be interested in some work I and a colleague began back in 2007 with the grade 5-6 students we were then working with which continues still, (now into the 3rd year).

    Basically we set up a blog to which we uploaded weekly a number of puzzles that the students who wished to could access from home. These students could then provide a response to the puzzles via the comments, (much as you are doing here). These comments were then held in moderation until the end of the week when they were viewed by the whole senior unit on an interactive whiteboard in what has been called “Find Out Friday”. The most creative responses were then recognised.

    In addition a Voki was added to the blog which was changed weekly with a message pertinent to the previuos or upcoming week. Some enterprising students knew that you can also add comments to the voki. As a result some of the students began to flesh out the Puzzler Punk voki with a family and assorted hangers-on including at the end of the year a message from “Barrack Obama”.

    If you are interested the 2008 puzzler can be found at http://seniorpuzzlerbps.globalstudent.org.au/ and the new 2009 one is at http://seniorpuzzlerbps09.globalstudent.org.au/

    John P http://johnp.wordpress.com

    “Thanks for your input John! Keep up the good work with your Senior Puzzler blog. Cheers, Jeff.”

  3. Harmony Teacher says:

    …nice site, Jeff! I also stockpile puzzles/games to enrich my classroom. Have you noticed how very kind many of the mathematicians at Mathematics 24×7 seem to be?

  4. Great blog! Found you through Kerry Cue! I have added a link to you on Global Teacher under Marvellous Maths. Can we entice you to join this community and have you as a columnist there and at Global Student to help promote activities.

  5. rachel says:

    Hey nice post …. Keep up the great work

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