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My trip to Far North Queensland was fantastic! Why, you may ask, did I take a week’s leave in the middle of term? Well my neice decided to get married at South Mission Beach, which is south of Cairns, near … Continue reading

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Here is a simple 2 player game. It is an easy way for a teacher to observe if students can see patterns, and then develop a winning strategy. You start at zero. In turn you and your partner choose a … Continue reading

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Four Fours and Beyond

What does the expression above equal? The Four Fours problem is well known by most Mathematics teachers. Each time I have tried it with year 7 to year 9 classes it has proven to be a great success. You can … Continue reading

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Block or Switch

This is a simple card game which I devised recently. It is best played with two players. A single pack of cards is required plus 2 markers. Remove the court cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) leaving 40 cards. Players sit … Continue reading

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Design a Tent

Practical maths is important and necessary or else students may start to think that mathematics only exists inside a text book or classroom. Real world situations give students a context in which they can apply the skills they have been … Continue reading

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The Education Show

On Saturday I trundled along to the education show in Melbourne. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised! The sessions I attended were: 1.  Making the most of your super – as I am on … Continue reading

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Girls v. Boys

Warning – the following may be very controversial! I hesitated before posting on this topic, but I am forging on with the idea that constructive debate is healthy. Some blogs and websites can get carried away with the question: “Are … Continue reading

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It was with some excitement that I picked up my brand new game called Blokus® (pictured) from The Games Shop (Royal Arcade, Bourke Street, Melbourne. Even though I shelled out $50 of my hard earned cash I was confident that … Continue reading

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