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Blog Images

I have taken a big dose of truth serum and here are the results: 1. I LOVE IMAGES! If I browse a blog and it doesn’t have any images, videos, slide shows, etc, then I usually don’t add it to … Continue reading

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Choose your topic

Had a bit of fun with my Year 9 Maths class this week (MATHS = FUN)! I challenged each student to choose a Maths topic and then I would give them an impromptu question to answer. They could not use … Continue reading

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Seasonal Variation

As I’m writing this post, I notice that the number of “hits” on my blog, since I started it in February this year is 6666! More important blog statistics are shown on my Webmaths dashboard. The graph shows how many … Continue reading

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Origami and Mathematics

  My interest in origami was initiated by Yuki and Reiko, two Japanese exchange students we hosted. The photo below shows two beautiful hexagonal boxes and their lids they presented to us – excellent examples of modular origami. I then set out … Continue reading

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Expanding horizons

Sometimes it is too easy for teachers to have blinkers on. Since I have discovered the wonderful world of blogging, I have spent many hours searching for and, evaluating other teachers math blogs. You can see the results (36 math … Continue reading

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The point

During a 100 minute maths lesson, a good teacher should be able to sense at a certain point, when the students concentration is wavering. Even adults have trouble concentrating on the one task for this long! At this point, the teacher needs … Continue reading

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My favourite flash games

Here are a few of my favourite Shockwave Flash (swf) games. Warning! they are highly addictive and you may lose many hours of your life. They all require problem solving skills and perseverance. Nearly all students and teachers who have tried them … Continue reading

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When teaching about rotations it is easy to rotate polygons, letters or numerals. To have your students investigate the degree of rotational symmetry, guide them to the “Learning MATH” lesson on Rotation Symmetry  and its associated flash learning object. Alternatively … Continue reading

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Creating Comics

I have been browsing the web looking for a comic strip creator that is user friendly. I think Bitstrips is what I’ve been looking for. Here is my first effort at making a strip: Here is my second try, a bit … Continue reading

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