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Criss Cross

I have already mentioned playing poker solitaire with a whole class at once (see my post on Feb 16, 2009). Criss Cross is a similar game, and is just as popular with students. I discovered this game here.   My … Continue reading

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Cartoon Blowup

This a great drawing activity. I use it in Year 7 or 8 classes when I am teaching ratio or scale drawings. Here are my instructions to students: 1.  To begin, select a cartoon from a newspaper, magazine, comic or … Continue reading

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Lure of the Labyrinth

Heard about this game via twitter a few weeks ago. At first glance I wasn’t hooked. After delving deeper, I found that this is an excellent game with some great Mathematics content. It has 9 puzzles to solve each with … Continue reading

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Broken Calculators

There are certain Maths activities that seem to engage students without fail. Broken calculator activities is one of these. The flash interactive at subtangent has six levels and a time limit on each. Try this broken calculator which allows you … Continue reading

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Here I am on term holiday marking my year 9’s Pythagoras’ test. It wasn’t a particularly hard or long test and I am pleased to see that most students have done well. Because the test was short I decided to … Continue reading

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