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Differentiation using First Principles

“Hi my name is Jason, I am in Mr T’s Math Methods class, Today we learnt about differentation using first principles, it is an equation that allows us to figure out the derivative, which is the gradient, we use this so we … Continue reading

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Domino Squares

Introduction: This is a whole class game that I thought of in the shower this morning! It provides good practice with multiplication and addition. As well, the result of multiplying by zero is reinforced. Further, logical placement and deciding when … Continue reading

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Lesson Structure

What is the best way to structure a Maths lesson? It is many years since I have written up a formal lesson plan – but of course all teachers plan their lessons, both on paper and in their heads. [A … Continue reading

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Playing Games

From a very young age I have loved playing games. On cold winter nights my family and I would gather around the family hearth and compete. We played monopoly, scrabble, chess, chinese checkers and card games such as euchre, 500, cribbage, … Continue reading

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Well here I am back from a two week holiday in Vietnam, ready to launch into term three! Vietnam is really an amazing country to visit – I would highly recommend it. This was my second visit and I noticed straight … Continue reading

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