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My Classes 2011

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I visualize my Maths classes working this year. I want to do more group work. I want an improvement in literacy. I want the students to be risk takers. I … Continue reading

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Life’s like a Chicken Kebab!

Apologies to Forest Gump for the title of this post! Yesterday I went to town with a long list of jobs to do. I had almost finished the list when the “hungrys” hit me. Fortunately I was parked near my … Continue reading

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It’s OK, I wasn’t good at Maths!

Like most Mathematics teachers, I cringe when I hear a parent say “It’s OK, I wasn’t good at Maths”. They are really saying that it is OK if their son or daughter doesn’t succeed in Maths. This excellent article titled … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Teacher ?

  This is a widely discussed topic on weblogs. Because teaching is so complex (and therein lies part of its beauty), it is difficult to define. Some aspects are clear though. You can certainly learn “techniques” to improve your teaching. … Continue reading

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The Art of Problem Solving

Filling in my time during the school holidays can be a struggle. Problem solving to the rescue! Project Euler has long been a favorite of mine. Dan at A Recursive Process is likewise addicted. John at Zero Knowledge Proofs is … Continue reading

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Ceád Mile Fáilte

In the Irish Language, Ceád Mile Fáilte (pronounced: KAY-ed MEE-luh FOIL-cha) is a popular greeting meaning “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”. [Wikipedia] So a big WELCOME to the new year 2011! But wait, my family was originally Cornish? So I should say: Heudh Nowydh … Continue reading

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