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My Year 7 students enjoyed Alphabox Shapes on Friday. Some even declared it was fun! It combined together Language, Visualisation and ICT. The students all accessed the great Aussie Maths website: A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather. They … Continue reading

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Homework Blues

Getting students to submit homework is one of the challenges Maths teachers face! I was walking around my Year 9 class collecting homework. I got to Miss Anon who said: “I gave you my homework last session Sir”. “I don’t … Continue reading

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Well, Spare me Bloomin’ Days!

‘Is name’s Bluey …Well, spare me bloomin’ days! You could er knocked me down wiv ‘arf a brick! Yes, me, that kids meself I know kids ways, An’ ‘as a name for teachin’ in G10! I just lines up ‘an … Continue reading

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Motivating Mathematics

I have just received my copy of Motivating Mathematics (2009) by Lee Blake, Jessica Murphy & Ingrid Kemp. MacMillan Education Australia Pty Ltd. It has over 200 puzzles, covering most of the Mathematics curriculum. The puzzle sheets are well constructed, … Continue reading

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Introducing Probability

I am busy planning for my Year 9 class tomorrow. I am pondering: “How best to introduce Probability?” I want to know what the students already know, so I will attempt doing a concept map. I don’t expect it to … Continue reading

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