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Small Fractions

Can you list all the “small” fractions, that is, those using no number higher than 5, in order of size from 0 to 1? Who was the Mathematician who named this series of ordered fractions after himself in 1816?

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Rope around the Earth

Imagine a rope pulled tight around the circumference of the earth! We now lengthen the rope by 1 metre and position it uniformly above the earth. What is the gap between the earth and the rope? Will a mouse fit … Continue reading

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Visualizing Australia

I have found the ability of children (and adults) to visualise their own country is often tenuous. What are your experiences with this? Their are many aspects to this, for example: Areas of States (see Maths300 lesson 50 – “Country … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

I was a famous Mathematician who died in the year 1871. I was “x”  years old in the year x2.  In what year was I born? Who am I? Describe one of my notable achievements.

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Can 2 equal 1?

Can you find anything wrong with the following proof that 2 = 1? If not then in our next Maths class I will give you a $1 coin, and in return you will give me a $2 coin! (I hope to get … Continue reading

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Advice from Students to Teachers

What if you had to teach the classes you are taking now or something you learned years ago? How would you use technology to do it? What devices, software, games, networks, or applications would you use to help students learn … Continue reading

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Origami & Mathematics

Last year in a Year 8 Maths class I used Origami for the first time during a Geometry unit. I was very surprised by the enthusiasm shown by the students! They were much more attentive and focussed than usual and … Continue reading

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Poker Solitaire

Adrian loves to play poker. But when no one is around he plays it as a solitaire game. He deals himself 25 cards and then tries to arrange them into the best poker hands possible going both across and up … Continue reading

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Friday 13th.

This year  there will be friday 13th in February and March. 1.  Can this occur with any two other months? 2.  In what year will the exact same situation happen again? [Thanks to my daughter Rachel for this question!]

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Bears and Fish

“It is winter in the arctic. An Eskimo comes across the frozen sea and makes holes in the ice to fish through. After a few hours of fishing he decides that he has caught enough fish and departs. Slowly the … Continue reading

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