Great Blogs

Listed below are Mathematics blogs that I visit regularly because they have great content and are added to regularly.

1. f(t) – A Maths Teacher’s Reflections and DIY Professional DevelopmentK8 Nowak

Author:  Kate Nowak (4th year teacher from New York)

Kate’s blog is highly recommended. She blends a great mix of teaching experiences, tips and resources. Kate adds relevant images to make her blog more interesting. A brilliant, inspiring teacher – definitely add this to your rss reader!


May 11, 2009  Its All About Me

April 21, 2009  The Pattern Does Not Hold

April 7, 2009  Build Your Own Worksheet

2. dy/dan – teaching every year like its my last

danmeyerAuthor: Dan Meyer a high school math teacher near Santa Cruz, California.

His blog has such a wide variety of content, that I cannot find the words to describe it. Just visit, browse, and you won’t be disappointed!


Mar 7, 2007  Why I don’t assign homework

Mar 16, 2008  Linear Fun #2: Stacking Cups

Aug 31, 2007  The Comprehensive Maths Assessment Resource

3. Douchy’s Weblog

douchyAuthor: Andrew Douch is a well known and respected teacher at Wanganui Park Secondary College, Shepparton, Victoria. His Biology Podcasts have helped many students. Andrew’s blog is a great mix of ICT and Web 2.0 applications, teaching ideas and innovations. I highly recommend his bog – add it to your RSS reader today!


Jul 21, 2008  Social Networking: A teacher’s experience

Sep 19, 2008  The New Rules of Engagement

Apr 20, 2009  All abuzz over Yuri

4. Mathspigs

mathspigsAuthor:  Kerry Cue is a wonderfully irreverent, fun and motivating Maths blogger! I met her earlier this year and she is great. See my blog post – 35 years. If you can’t find something interesting on her blog you are either blind or dead. In her words:

Kerry_cropped“I’ve combined my nutty-professor love of maths with my off-the-wall humour in a fun, media-savvy maths blog called mathspig. It’s a resource to help teachers make maths a funorama for kids and support those teachers that already do it. This blog is about maths.  It’s about FUN maths, MEDIA maths and especially DUMB maths. Anyone can tackle these problems. You don’t have to understand squiggly, complex equations scribbled all over a black or a whiteboard.  This blog simply encourages clear thinking with numbers. It is mathspigs objective to stick a snout in the media trough and sniff out the maths rubbish. And have some fun too!!!!!!


1. Jul 17, 2009  What are maths teachers for, sir?

2.  Aug 12, 2009  Will Luck be a Lady tonight?

3.  Sep 22, 2009  But Baby, my Feets too Big!!!!

5.  Mathsclass

Simon_JobAuthor:  Simon Job, a fourth year high school Maths teacher in Sydney, who states that his posts will be a mix of…

  • using technology to create lessons and lesson materials
  • using technology as part of a lesson activity
  • linking to websites with resources for teaching or online interactive site

and more generally

  • lesson ideas and resources
  • reflections on what I’ve found works and doesn’t

Simon has met these aims and more. I visit his site regularly. If you are a Maths teacher you will find a wealth of ideas and resources here!


1.  Mar 18, 2008  The Biggest Loser

2.  Jun 27, 2008  Angle Wheel

3.  Sep 20, 2009  Brisbane Broncos Number Place Logo

6.  Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom

kathleen mcgeady2Author:  Kathleen McGeady, a grade 2 teacher at Leopold Primary School in Victoria. Her aim is to show teachers that integrating ICT into your classrooms isn’t “too hard”, “too expensive”, “too time consuming” etc.

Kathleen’s blog is full of ICT ideas. She uses a variety of web2.0 tools which makes her blog interesting and visually eye catching. I think it is a great blog. Check it out and see if you agree!


1.   Mar 17, 2009  What is Web 2.0?

2.  Jun 19, 2009  Photo Story Alternatives

3.  Sep 4, 2009  Using Blogs to Find Classroom Resources

7. Technomaths

Author: Britt Gow has set up this excellent blog for Year 6/7 Maths students at Hawkesdale P12 College, Victoria and their parents, to share their learning and to find links and resources for them to improve their Maths skills.

Technomaths is full of eye-catching images, useful links, and great teaching ideas.


1. Sep 2, 2010  Using an Ipod for Probability Experiments

2. Aug 1, 2010  Creating Graphs

3. Jul 8, 2010  Potato Olympics

8. Misscalcul8

Author: Elissa Miller brings a breath of fresh air to Maths blogging:  “I teach life with a bit of algebra and geometry on the side. I enjoy reading, writing, talking, typing. I like lists. I also adore John Mayer and chocolate”. Although only a relatively new teacher, Misscalcul8 has plenty of great ideas and advice on classroom management.


1. Jul 8, 2009  10 Ways to Create Positive Learning Experience

2.  Jan 11, 2011  My Favorite Way to Teach

3.  Jan 18, 2011  Conscious Classroom Management

9.  Math Mama Writes…

Author: Sue VanHattum runs the Richmond Math Salon and updates her Maths blog regularly. The content is very readable and interesting. There are lots of images and links to other blogs and websites. This is one of my favorite blogs – visit and you won’t be disappointed!


1.  Aug 8, 2010  Richmond Math Salon: A Sweet Sampling

2.  Oct 4, 2010  Dots on a Circle

3.  Dec 4, 2010  Math Game: Risk Your Algebra Skills

5 Responses to Great Blogs

  1. Judy Thomas says:


    I am contacting you about one of our mathematics books that has been receiving a lot of attention recently, and been in the top ten on Amazon for both children’s mathematics and general titles. Reviewed by NPR last weekend, it is a children’s mathematics book which uses monsters to help children count and understand prime numbers, and I believe it would be of great interest to your readers.

    While the illustrations are appealing to a very young audience, the book is actually geared toward children in grades 4-8. Adult mathematicians are also drawn to it for its innovative approach to mathematics.

    Please take a look at the links below, which will provide you with more information on the book.

    And please let me know if you require any additional information on the book. I will be happy to help.


  2. Britt Gow says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your comments and including me in this list of great blogs. You have compiled an excellent list of maths sites and blogs here, which I will bookmark for future reference. I was especially interested in your post about what makes a great teacher, because it is something I strive for every day. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi. I don’t know if you have come across with my blog at

    It has more than 50 GeoGebra tutorials.

  4. Vikas says:

    I Like to read this blog Because it is very impressive and thoughtfull for all kids………………………………………

  5. Vikas Nagar says:

    this blog is very good and it can increase the kids interest towards mathematics…………………….

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