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The Kennel

Our Mathematics office is made up of an excellent group of teachers. We generally work well together and are all focussed on the same goal. An important part of our teamwork is having a light hearted joke or two. Teaching … Continue reading

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Girls are Different!

What a revelation! It has only taken me 50 years to figure out that girls are different to boys (slow learner). My students today had to inform me why some boys are color blind, but very few girls. “It’s because … Continue reading

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Operation Golf

Well the “Operation Golf” puzzle was a hit with the teachers in the Maths KLA. Snowman (alias Snowdog) was the first to complete. He is a keen, competent golfer, so beating his score will be my only opportunity to  best … Continue reading

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Order of Operations

I don’t want to get into an argument here about whether or not to use one of the acronyms BIDMAS, BIMDAS, PEDMAS, PEMDAS, etc. Instead how can we best get students to understand and perform mathematical operations in the correct … Continue reading

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A recent call into the local photo framer, yielded a free supply of good quality card in a variety of colors as shown below. But now I need to put on my thinking cap as to how to use this … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Number

Snowdog was in fine form today! He came into the Maths staffroom and let us know that it was Friday 13th. He is full of ….. information. So then Snowdog said: “Take any four digit number and multiply it by 666. … Continue reading

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King of Algebra?

Our Specialist Maths teacher, Warren, was very proud to present us with a well worked solution to the following problem. It was Question 26 on the Senior paper of the recent 2010 Australian Mathematics Competition. If  m + n = … Continue reading

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Early years Maths is as easy as ABC

Like reading and other literacy skills development, the early years experiences with numeracy are critical to a child’s ultimate Mathematical development. Many of these experiences are learning games. The Abecedarian approach to early years learning, and associated research strongly supports this … Continue reading

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Thirty Numbers

The Australian Mathematics Competition was conducted in Australian schools, two days ago (Thursday 5 Aug). As usual their were some great questions. After the competition was conducted, Mathematics teachers at my school began some very lively, animated discussions. This reminded … Continue reading

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How many Rectangles?

There turned out to be more “different” rectangles than I first thought (40). Below is a table of my results. I wonder if I have them all? Rectangles Used Length x Width Area 1 Green 5 x 1 5 1 … Continue reading

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