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I have been teaching Mathematics in Victorian secondary schools for 30 years. I use the www to make my maths lessons better. I hope this blog will give other teachers some ideas to try in their own classes.

Open Middle Question

Here is my attempt at an open middle problem. I wonder how many solutions are possible? Try it and let me know.

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Graph Theory Menu Math

I love tasks which make student think and discuss. Menu Math tasks meet these criteria. I have attempted to create one myself – on Graph Theory. I am not sure if I have chosen my constraints well though? If you … Continue reading

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I was so inspired by @MrNiksMathClass square counting activity in the shape of a shark, that I decided to create my own. Each class I have used this with have loved it and learnt about like terms and square numbers. … Continue reading

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Ride Like A Girl

On a recent flight from Perth to Melbourne I perused the movie list and chose “Ride Like A Girl” directed by Rachel Griffiths. I don’t intend this post to be a movie review but do yourself a favor and watch … Continue reading

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Square Pairs

Originally posted on Fractally Speaking ~ Maths T & L:
Originally sourced from Maths300 this activity is great for getting students up and moving. I quite often run this in the first week of school and get students to introduce themselves…

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Ben – Master of the Cosine Curve

The use of literacy tasks in Mathematics classes is often met with opposition from both students and teachers. In fact, as a student, I would try to avoid writing tasks as much as I could despite being a keen reader. … Continue reading

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Join the Dots

I was planning a decimals lesson for my year 7 class. Upon searching Colin Fosters excellent resources I noticed: “Oral work: Go around the class counting up in 0.3’s, say, beginning at 5. Will we ever hit 100? What’s the … Continue reading

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A Few of my Favourite Things

On a recent trip to Nepal – Bhutan – Hong Kong, I couldn’t resist buying some stationary to add to my favorites (see picture below). What stationary/teaching aids could you NOT do without?

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2018 Planning

Oh my! This will be my 40th year of teaching. And I still love it. Only 8 more sleeps. I can’t wait for my new classes, students, colleagues and teaching/learning experiences. My plans so far: Get to know students quickly … Continue reading

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Dominotion (part 2)

Games that engage student have (from my experience) a balance of skill and luck. All students should believe that they have a chance of winning. The game should involve a number of choices to be made. So here is the … Continue reading

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