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Risk your Quadratic skills

My last post about this great revision game was “Risk your Algebra skills“. In Year 11 Maths Methods, we have been learning about Quadratic equations. Like most classes there is a wide range of abilities. Some kids get quadratics and … Continue reading

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Top Trumps Substitution Card Game

Following on from my last post, here is a nice game from TES who claim to be the largest network of teachers in the world? . Top Trumps Animals Algebra Substitution uses a set of 45 cards similar to the … Continue reading

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Numbers Game 2

If the last post whet your appetite for this type of puzzle, then the screenshot below presents you (or your students) with another challenge. Can you make 533? I showed the online video to my year 9’s today and they … Continue reading

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Make 10

I’m back from a great holiday in Thailand, which included visiting an Elephant sanctuary, dipping my feet into a fish spa, visiting many Buddhist temples and eating delicious green curries. This semester I have a Year 7 Maths class which … Continue reading

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A Human Endeavour

It worries me greatly when Mathematics teaching is de-humanised. Sure learning can take place by listening to a lecture, either in person or via technology. But by the interaction of human beings, much more powerful learning can take place. Here … Continue reading

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Pictured below is my new game of Mancala. It cost me $13 at Toyworld. After reading the history and rules of the game at Wikipedia, I couldn’t resist buying it. It is a very old game (at least 1300 years), but … Continue reading

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It was with some excitement that I picked up my brand new game called Blokus® (pictured) from The Games Shop (Royal Arcade, Bourke Street, Melbourne. Even though I shelled out $50 of my hard earned cash I was confident that … Continue reading

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Domino Squares

Introduction: This is a whole class game that I thought of in the shower this morning! It provides good practice with multiplication and addition. As well, the result of multiplying by zero is reinforced. Further, logical placement and deciding when … Continue reading

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Well here I am back from a two week holiday in Vietnam, ready to launch into term three! Vietnam is really an amazing country to visit – I would highly recommend it. This was my second visit and I noticed straight … Continue reading

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6 to Start

I had a fascinating probability lesson with my year 11 class last week. I love probability partly because some of it is counter intuitive. The idea for this activity came from the text:  Hammond et al (1994). “Mathematics Learning for Life … Continue reading

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