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A Challenge to all Mathematics Teachers

Steve Wyborney on his blog – I’m on a Learning Mission – recently challenged educators to: Think deeply about what you believe about every student’s learning potential.  Complete this sentence and post it. “I believe…” I replied: “I believe that … Continue reading

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Happy Lines

I am always on the lookout for good maths problems. Problems which make students think. Non-routine problems. Some students are reluctant to engage with problem solving because it puts them out of their comfort zone. Therefore give encouragement. Give problem … Continue reading

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Students + Teachers = Maths

My most enjoyable and successful classes are those where I learn WITH the students. Hence I was pleased to stumble across Max Ray’s blog post: I know I’m doing it right when… Max’s statements nearly all start with: “Students and Teachers … Continue reading

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My Classes 2011

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I visualize my Maths classes working this year. I want to do more group work. I want an improvement in literacy. I want the students to be risk takers. I … Continue reading

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The Art of Problem Solving

Filling in my time during the school holidays can be a struggle. Problem solving to the rescue! Project Euler has long been a favorite of mine. Dan at A Recursive Process is likewise addicted. John at Zero Knowledge Proofs is … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

My Grandfather seemed to have an endless repertoire of poetry to recite. Some were intricate and beautiful, other simple and frivolous, like this one: The Spring has sprung, The grass has ris, I wonder where the birdies is? The 1st … Continue reading

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Thirty Numbers

The Australian Mathematics Competition was conducted in Australian schools, two days ago (Thursday 5 Aug). As usual their were some great questions. After the competition was conducted, Mathematics teachers at my school began some very lively, animated discussions. This reminded … Continue reading

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My favourite flash games

Here are a few of my favourite Shockwave Flash (swf) games. Warning! they are highly addictive and you may lose many hours of your life. They all require problem solving skills and perseverance. Nearly all students and teachers who have tried them … Continue reading

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Lesson Structure

What is the best way to structure a Maths lesson? It is many years since I have written up a formal lesson plan – but of course all teachers plan their lessons, both on paper and in their heads. [A … Continue reading

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I think, therefore I am

This quote is generally attributed to Rene Descartes, the great French Mathematician. To solve Maths problems you need to think, so I have started a new student problem solving blog to encourage my students, and students anywhere in the world, … Continue reading

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