Place Value Lesson

Structuring my Year 7 double session is important for 2 main reasons:

1.  Catering for a very wide spread of abilities (6 grade levels!)

2.  A variety of tasks that will sustain the students (and me) for 90 minutes.

Number 2 is hard since some of my students find it hard to maintain concentration for 10 minutes and can turn feral in an instant!

So tomorrow we will start with a card game, perhaps The Place Value Game and/or Addition War.

Then onto some written work via a worksheet titled “Writing Numbers”. This is somewhat open ended and thus will allow the more advanced students to show me what they can do. How many of the six factorial ways of writing a number with the digits 528743 will they write before complaining or giving up?

Thirdly they can do a new set of Tangram puzzles. They like these probably due to the concrete material, instant feedback and no writing involved.

Each of these activities should last about 30 minutes. Plus I have a few other tricks up my sleeve just in case.

Will this lesson turn feral cats into calm kittens – I hope so?


About webmaths

I have been teaching Mathematics in Victorian secondary schools for 30 years. I use the www to make my maths lessons better. I hope this blog will give other teachers some ideas to try in their own classes.
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One Response to Place Value Lesson

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