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Dominotion (part 2)

Games that engage student have (from my experience) a balance of skill and luck. All students should believe that they have a chance of winning. The game should involve a number of choices to be made. So here is the … Continue reading

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Dominotion (part 1)

I love the satisfaction you get from creating something. Like a new blog post. But creation requires effort. As Mathematics teachers, we create lessons for our students. The content of these lessons can come from many sources. eg. Videos, worksheets, … Continue reading

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Equations of Tangents and Normals

My Year 12 Maths Methods students are now applying their differentiation skills to applications. Student D. has requested a worked solution to this question: For the function y = loge (2x+3) , find the equations of the tangent and normal … Continue reading

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Resources ….

As a young first year teacher in 1980, I had many things to learn. I started searching for and making resources to help my students learn. The smell of methylated spirits from using a spirit duplicator is still a vivid … Continue reading

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Teachers should take risks

The following journal article: Risk Taking: A Distinguishing Factor of Good versus Great Teachers by Gayle A. Brazeau, PhD, finishes with the statement: “Perhaps risk taking is what in the end distinguishes a good teacher from a great teacher”. With this … Continue reading

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