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The first topic in Year 7 next year is “Shapes”. We will study both polygons and polyhedra. My new year’s resolution is not ground breaking – it is simply to try to be much better organised for my classes. I … Continue reading

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A recent call into the local photo framer, yielded a free supply of good quality card in a variety of colors as shown below. But now I need to put on my thinking cap as to how to use this … Continue reading

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Origami and Mathematics

  My interest in origami was initiated by Yuki and Reiko, two Japanese exchange students we hosted. The photo below shows two beautiful hexagonal boxes and their lids they presented to us – excellent examples of modular origami. I then set out … Continue reading

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Soccer Ball Maths

A Maths teacher recently asked me: “What shapes make up a soccer ball?”. The traditional design of a soccer ball is based on a solid figure called a truncated icosahedron. From the image above, can you visualise how many black pentagons … Continue reading

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