Operation Golf

Well the “Operation Golf” puzzle was a hit with the teachers in the Maths KLA. Snowman (alias Snowdog) was the first to complete. He is a keen, competent golfer, so beating his score will be my only opportunity to  best him at any form of golf.

I thought that extending this puzzle to 18 holes would be a good idea for those wanting a bigger challenge. Snowman obligingly supplied me with 9 more “holes” and I hooked and sliced my way through producing it. You can download it here.

Some of our students also got “excited” about this new type of maths challenge. After last class (3:20pm) I ran into student S on my way to the printer. He had the Operation Golf puzzle in his hand, partially completed. S told me about it and how he was going to complete his “round” for home fun. I asked him to follow me and then gave him a copy of the new 18 hole puzzle. He was happy to take it even though he is not one of my students.

I was also happy that I had made another small step towards engaging students in doing Mathematics and enjoying it too.

About webmaths

I have been teaching Mathematics in Victorian secondary schools for 30 years. I use the www to make my maths lessons better. I hope this blog will give other teachers some ideas to try in their own classes.
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