Seasonal Variation

As I’m writing this post, I notice that the number of “hits” on my blog, since I started it in February this year is 6666! More important blog statistics are shown on my Webmaths dashboard. The graph shows how many hits my site gets each day as shown below.


This graph seems to me to be a good example of seasonal variation. It could be used as data in the Core Data & Statistics unit of VCE Further Mathematics. The graph could be “smoothed”, the seasonal indices computed, and a seasonal adjustment performed.

For the last two saturdays their has been a plunge in the graph, with the peaks coming on mid-week. Could the Saturday plunge be explained by less web browsing due to sport and other weekend activities?

Another question worth analysing is:

“Do the peaks occur immediately after a post; or is their a time lag; or are the peaks independant of posts?” Note that I had posts on the 2, 7, 11, 14 and 19th of October.


About webmaths

I have been teaching Mathematics in Victorian secondary schools for 30 years. I use the www to make my maths lessons better. I hope this blog will give other teachers some ideas to try in their own classes.
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